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Before Donating

The first step in this process.

Before Donating

All citizens can donate their bodies for anatomical purposes. The Anatomy Department of the Faculty of Medicine of Porto has a cadaveric donation program and uses corpses for the purposes of pre- and postgraduate medical education, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 274/99.

  • Before making the donation

    Citizens proving the payment of funeral expenses.

  • Attribution Conditions

    Please read the documentation entitled “The importance of cadaveric donation”.

    Please read the preamble and the Articles you deem relevant to Decree-Law No. 274/99.

    Discuss your intention with your family members or people close to you.

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How to donate

The second step in this process.

  • How to donate

    Download here or request a donation rule from the Anatomy Unit - DBM.

    Fill in all fields of the form with the required data .

    Deliver the Donation Policy in person or send it to the Anatomy Unit - DBM .

  • You cannot accumulate with the Death Grant.

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How to donate

At the Time of Donation

The last step in this process.

At the Time of Donation
  • The last step in this process

    Contact the Anatomy Unit - DBM:

    Anatomy Unit - DBM

    Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

    Alameda Professor Hernâni Monteiro 4200-319 Porto

    225 513 616 (Monday to Friday, of 9h00 at 17h00)

    916 318 518 (weekend and off-hours)

    225 513 617

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